Christian Inmate Pen Pal Connection

A Christian Based Ministry Forum for those who have loved ones in Prisons to offer support, education, hope, Prison Reform information, prayer request, mail request and much more.

Romans 15:5 - Now the God of endurance and of encouragement give to you to be like-minded one toward another, according to Christ Jesus;

Who We Are

We are a Christian Based Forum for those seeking help or information for their loved ones who are incarcerated. We have a sister site at on which we list for free inmates from all types of institutions that are seeking a Pen Pal for friendship, encouragement, fellowship and Christian Love.
Our Forum based one has much information and many links.

Our Vision

To help those that are in the Prisons who have been abandoned by family and friends and to offer a Forum for those loved ones who are standing by the sides of those in prisons. We are here to offer encouragement, love, compassion and hope.

Types Of Activity

Forums for discussions, support groups, news of Prison Reform, those in need of mail and so much more.

Support In

All those that are incarcerated, especially those that have been abandoned by family and friends. Please also pray for Prison Reform, that Federal Parole will be re-instated, that Mandatory Minimums will be Abolished, that the Death Penalty will be Abolished, and all those that are incarcerated will once again see the light of day and walk in Freedom. That the Lord and Giver of Life will guard and protect them.


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