Crusaders Chicago

Setting The Captive Free!, Come and Drink wine and Pay nothing, Jesus is Lord and Jesus is The Alfa and The Omega, the Beginning and the End.

1 Samuel 2:8 ; He raiseth up the poor out of the dust from the dung-hill, He lifteth up the Needy to set him among the throne of Glory

Who We Are

We are a ministry that teaches the whole truth about the Lord Jesus Christ in His diety and we belive in the foundation according to Hebrews 9th chapters and we We teach on Jesus Ministry of Deliverance, Casting out devils and Prophets, Accoring to Eps. 411-15 We are a Five fold ministry that International. I just went through My class of evanglelist and we go out on the street of chicago and Preach.

Our Vision

Our vision is to Preach the Gospel to every creature around the world until Jesus Comes Back. Setting the Captive free, television Radio and Churches,( ministries) around the World, Apostolic ( apostles).

Types Of Activity

We pass out food we Preach and we Evanglize on the Bud Billigan Parade, and The Gay Pride Parade, and we Pray and intercede for people who want Give their life to the Lord. and We Preach at the taste of Chicago.


Chicago Il, which is Cook County Jail, or Prisons though out Ilinois. Stateville Il , Joilet, Il.

Support In

Pray the we have a network of chuches around the world, and pray that Men will come to Christ also.


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