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I travel where ever the Lord leads me, and I Minister in schools with Scripture Union, and I also share testimony in prisons, churches, drug and alcohol centres, bible fellowships, etc. and also praying for the sick and anointing with oil, be it in churches, groups, or at individual homes, also in prisons. I am based in Adelaide, South Australia, but am willing to travel to where ever the Lord leads me.

Philipians 4:13 " I can do all things in him who strengthens me".

Who We Are

I am a member of FGBMFI Australia, with this ministry I share testimony anywhere the Lord leads me. I had an incurable disease of Emphysema, used to smoke, drink and take drugs. The Lord spoke to me by an "audible voice" to go into all the world and share my testimony.
From that day I was healed and set free. I have travelled throughout Australia,and various parts of the world where ever I am called and ministered in various prisons, groups, churches, etc.

Our Vision

To "go into all the world and share the Good News of Jesus Christ", and to "set the captives free".
I travel to where the Lord leads me every year, and I contact fellow Christians to share my testimony at prisons, drug and alchol centres, anywhere possible, at no charge.

Types Of Activity

Share testimony, spoken or on tape, share what God has layed on my heart.


Risdon Prison, Hobart, Tasmania early 2005. Hayes Prison Farm, (2 visits) Hobart, Tasmania, early 2005. 2004 in Penang taken to a Maximum Security Prison, where drug smuggler are kept, shared with Muslime. Women's Correctional Facility in Oahu, Hawaii 2001. Teen Challenge British Columbia, Canada, 2002. Nabori Prison, Fiji, 2000. Parrammatta Remand Centre, Parrammatta, Sydney Australia, 1999.

About Our Prison Ministry

I will be in New Zealand for 6 weeks from 24th Feb to 7 April and then in Penang for 3 weeks, then Singapore. During my visit it would be great to share in any prison etc. I have my own accommodation, and In New Zealand will be hiring a car. I come at no cost, just to share Testimony and the Word of God with anyone, to set the captives free.

Support In

Ministry availablity during my stay in the above countries.
Travelling mercies, and good health.
Open more ministry to Muslims while in Penang.


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