For God's Glory Ministries

To summarize this Ministry : as my slogan says... "Where God's Glory Has No Boundaries" I think this say enough.

John 3:16 KJV - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Who We Are

F.G.G.M- is a non profit organization with a ministry that will begin in the bosom of every Individual person. Our goal is to strengthen spiritual empowerment over all wickedness. To encourage that Iron sharpens Iron in social interactions. To provide counseling for the unbeliever and for those who do not have a church.

Our Vision

To provide the poor with riches, the unbeliever with the truth, to empower the wicked mind in Jesus name, and to set the flesh under subjection through fasting and repentance ). F.G.G.M wants to heal the nation's heart, save the soul of the lost man,and strengthen our Girls into Great Women and our Great Woman into Loving Wives and our Loving Wives into Strong Mothers and our Strong Mothers into P-31's in Christ.

Types Of Activity

Our organization programs consist of; Ministry Outreach Services, Women Prison Outreach Ministry, Addict Victorious program, Women Transitioning Services, Learning Living Life Skills, Project C.O.P.E. Program and Services.


Throughout the USA, Eastern Missouri.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our newsletter is a once a month newsletter, consisting of one page both sides full of ministry,we ask for free-will offerings to help our newsletter's stay in the rotation to God's people.

About Our Prison Ministry

We Minister to ex- offender's and Incarcerated Inmates by way of our Ministry Newsletter's. We are working on a Transitional House for women ex-offender's, and our distressed women. This Transition is filled with projects and programs to help each Individual's 'Transitions run effectively.

Support In

Free Will Offerings, Prayers, Volunteers, Global Network Broadcasting, Bibles, Bible Tracts and Literature in Various Languages, We are asking for financial gifts and support for our transition house for ex-offended, and distressed women in need of Transitioning towards rebirth.


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