Freedom In God Church Inc.

We are a ministry that reach out to death roll inmates across the United States. We are in Tampa, Florida. Working out of my apartment now. hoping to find offices one day.

1 Cor 3 - "Faith, Hope, Love"

Who We Are

We are a prison ministry,that mostly witness to death roll inmates. Around the United States. I also counsels people with drugs and alcoholic, marriage, smoking, problems. We also hold Church services. I was in prison for along time. Had 5 fail marriages. Did drugs and alcoholic for many years. God free I from those sins. And heal me.

Our Vision

Goal is to teach the Good News. So people know Christ.

Types Of Activity

We write to death roll inmates as pen-pals tell them about the Good News of Christ. Next step when we get a e-van to go and hold services for them across the United States. And to Counsel with them if they wish.


I write to death roll inmates. Teach them about Christ. Around the United States.

Support In

We are a new ministry. We need Stamps, Envelopes, Computer paper, Pens, Note Books, Bible tracts, and we are in need of a e-van. To travel to prison, take Bibles to death.roll inmates across United States.The stuff to Administration of the Sacraments and to do Baptisms, Holy Communion,, Rosary, for the prisoners. And Prayers for this ministry. And any give you can send to help.


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