God forgives those who repent. Who are we as a society not to also forgive them? FORGIVEN undertakes to re-integrate parolees back into society by giving them hope for a better future through Christian Counseling, Entrepreneurial education and skills in Performing Arts.

Isaiah 30:18 - Yet the Lord still waits for you to come to Him, so He can show you His love, He will conquer you to bless you. Lord is faithful to His promises. Blessed are all tho…

Who We Are

"Forgiven"is currently in the registration and starting up phase. I joined Prison Alpha in Goodwood Prison 2011, and through the hearing of teh testimonies of teh inmates, I heard God calling me to the Halfway House.

Achievements: Certificate in Ministry (Team Impact University) 2011; Diploma in Ministry (Team Impact University) 2012.

Still to do: Ordination 2012; Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling 2012; Masters Degree in Christian Counseling 2013.

Our Vision

Forgiven undertakes to equip and empower young, non-violent/unintentional offenders who show an entrepreneurial spirit in Performing Arts with the necessary tools and education in order to be able to reintegrate them back into society.


Goodwood Prison, Cape Town, South Africa.

Support In

We have a meeting on the 26th January 2012 to secure a house, please pray that this meeting will be blessed.
Please pray for financial support. We have been sponsored with a cooked meal daily Monday - Friday for each housemate. We have also been sponsored with security cameras and computers. Services have been rendered to us free of charge. We now need the finances. Please pray for a vehicle. We need a combi or any vehicle that can transport 8 people.


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