Freedom Fortified

Freedom Fortified uses an innovative yet known solution. Inmates who maintain contact with friends and families have a greatly lower rate of returning to crime and prison. We take full advantage of the phenomenon common amongst the all young people, they tend to listen to friends. We use this notion to our advantage so we can enhance available state programs. Also, in the age of social networking the inmate is already comfortable with this relatively anonymous contact.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Who We Are

We got started by pure inspiration. One letter was sent to a Florida inmate and his reply appealed to our Born Again Christian Faith. This grew into our reaching out to over 200 inmates at this time, establishing a non-profit corporation and rapidly growing to reach even more inmates. We have found schooling for inmates and most importantly the funding.

Our Vision

We are working to reduce inmate recidivism. We present Christian based principles and Bible quotes to inmates that are at the greatest risk of returning to prison. We do this on a one on one basis through the intimacy of mail correspondence. This allows the selected inmate to relate privately and sincerely.

Types Of Activity

We conduct individual counseling, encouragement, and advice through correspondence. We supply each receptive inmate with mailing supplies where it is allowed. When a problem is presented that the facility needs to be aware of we contact the prison immediately. We also search for family members that the inmate has lost contact with.


We correspond with inmates in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Washington DC. As we grow we will begin contacting inmates that have a returned to selected jails.


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