Fellowship InTouch Ministry

Well, Fellowship In Touch Ministry was founded on March 10, 2009. It presently 90 members. It is located at Rally Market, UN Drvie, Monrovia, Liberia.

Acts 16:31 - Believe in Jesus and thou shalt be saved and your household.

Who We Are

Thank God so much, my ministry is a young ministry in Liberia. It was founded on March 10, 2009. It has no donor supporters and looking for a supporter in order to build the Kingdom of God. This loves preaching at the Prison Compounds, Hospitals,, - where ecer God sends us. And this young ministry has made many unbelievers to turned to God.

Our Vision

The main goal of this ministry is to see our Lord name be prevailed in every parts of the World. And want to affairs of the broken hear ted people, and to be close to God.Is also to reach to prisoners, sick at the hospital, clinics.

Types Of Activity

Mainly reach to Prisoners Compounds, Hospitals, blind people, deaf people, sick at the hospitals, street corners for His words.


I am reaching at the Liberia prisoners which covers from about 16 counties.

About Our Prison Ministry

Well, Fellowship In Touch Ministry is established which love to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ Every day. It was founded on March 10, 2009.

Support In

I want you to pray for me this ministry to have donor Supporter. Pray for me to humanitarian assistance from all over the world to help the needy here. Pray for me to have inspiration from God. Pray for me for His protection and His wisdom.


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