Guadalupe Ministry

Guadalupe Prison Ministry located in Frisco, Texas is a Pen Pal and Prison Ministry. We are a Non-Church supported Ministry that desires to share Jesus Christ and Our Catholic Faith with as many incarcerated Inmates as possible!

Matt 25:36: - I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Who We Are

I ran a Death Row Ministry for more than two decades. I Now minister to those in Texas Prison that are not on Death Row. After years of Death Row Ministry This is a fresh start, a new Ministry. I had seen inmates executed and sent thousands of Bibles and Books into Texas Death Row, and any Death Row inmate in any state that asked for help. I was blessed to set up hundreds of inmates with Pen Pals. There was an article written in US Catholic about the Death Row Ministry.

Our Vision

The Ministry goal is to spread the Word of God to as many incarcerated People as I can. This is a Catholic Ministry. I will help any inmate that ask for help Catholic, Buddhist, Baptist, Etc. Male or female, whatever race, whatever state. I hope and pray that Through the actions of this ministry that as many as possible can come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I hope to Bring as many to the Catholic Church as Possible.

Types Of Activity

I need People To write inmates. To be Pen Pals. It is a commitment to sharing Jesus and Our Faith with those who A) May not know Jesus and B) Have no one else in their life. You may be there only source to the Outside world, their only source to the Life saving News of Jesus Christ. We write to inmates and share Christ. We visit inmates. We pray. You do not have to visit to be a great Pen Pal and Friend. God Can and will use you to touch another's life!


I Never, ever reject someone because of Location. I will write and help anyone in any location. 99.5% of the inmates are in Texas. I have received Letters from all 50 States , as well as Italy, Ireland, England, Iran, Iraq, Africa, China, etc.

About Our Prison Ministry

Guadalupe was chosen in Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. As stated above, We are a Catholic Ministry. We honor the Lord Jesus Christ. We distribute Catholic Bibles, Catholic Books, and Catholic Pamphlets. We Love Our Catholic Faith and desire to share it with every inmate we can.

Support In

WE need Volunteers. We PRAY that people will write inmates. We want to reach every inmate possible. We can only reach inmates if we have enough people willing to Volunteer and write. Thank You and God Bless you! I hope the Lord will lead you to reach out to an inmate. We DO NOT ask for money Donations. If you want to donate , we need stamps! Catholic Bibles and Catholic Books.


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