Hunterdon Christian Church Jail Ministry

Biblical Studies provided to inmates in the Hunterdon County Correctional Facility, Flemington, NJ, leading to aftercare assistance, discipleship, mentoring and fellowship.

John 17:21 - ...that all may be one.

Who We Are

Members of Hunterdon Christian Church provide weekly Bible Study to male and female inmates and develop aftercare connections to local support groups. We further meet with those inmates on a one to one basis that are not permitted to attend group functions. Many of those that have been ministered to have developed a relationship with Christ opon their release by attending our services and our functions.

Our Vision

We look always to God's leading in the area of developing an Aftercare Ministry to equip inmates in achieving a relationship with Chirst, housing, employment, descipleship, fellowship and rebuilding of their acceptance back into society.

Types Of Activity

Bible Study, Counseling, Satisfying needs upon release.


Hunterdon County Correction Facility, New Jersey.


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