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A Family of Inmates support group in the State of North Carolina. This group helps each other get through the Hard Times of having a Family Member Incarcerated. This group is a Christian Support Group who teaches Bible Principals and Stands on the Rock of Jesus Christ. We support Each Other and Our Incarcerated Family with Christ's Love.

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

Is a Support Group for Families of Inmates. We are a Christ Based Group that help each other get through the troubles and trials that family members have with their Inmate who is incarcerated. They help them understand moods and help their family get through tough times. We learn how to deal with the DOC and how to become strong in Christ. We also Love and Care for One another and for Our Inmates who are incarcerated.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to spread throughout the State of North Carolina with these support Groups, teaching Gospel Principals and how God Forgives our Inmates for all if only they accept him.

We want to help with the rehabilitation of all Inmates including our own.

Types Of Activity

Bi-Weekly Support Group Meetings. Bible Study. Help with DOC problems. New DOC visitation rules. Update all members on changes in DOC rules and Regs. Prayer for each other. Visit and write to inmate family members. Support each other. We are located at Christ United Methodist Church - Zion Church Road - Hickory, North Carolina


Teach TAN and Minister at Catawba Correctional Center and Foothills Youth Center in Catawba and Burke Counties.

We wish to help in other Prisons in our area.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our Minstry is growing and we want to keep God at our Center. We wish to give our Families and Inmates a hope that they can have a good life after incarceration. This is a real battle for all family members. It hurts a family from Father, Mother, Siblings Spouses and other members when one member spends time in Prison. It basically tears a family apart. We wish to help that family realize that they can come through this in a sane manner and be whole once again with the Help of Our Father.

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Our Chapters to Grow and Flourish.
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