His Majesty's Treasures

2nd Cor 4:7 - We are like clay jars in which this treasure is stored. The real power comes from God and not from us.

Who We Are

One day my Pastor asked me to write to people who were contacting the church with their prayer requests. I was amazed that there are still so many confused and lost souls all over the world. I use to be one of them until Jesus turned my life around and I found out who I really was. So what about you?

Our Vision

Jesus Christ really did make a way for us to live life to the full without misery. I am here to fill in the vital gaps and vital holes that people fall into time and time again so that they will not repeat same old mistakes. There is nothing impossible for God.


I am based in Central London and there is no distance too far for God.

Support In

Please pray for the following:

All God's children to reach their potential.
All backsliders to return to God.
All Christians, Pastor, Bishops, Archbishops who are going through persecution.
Abortion to be abolished.


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