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Our focus is providing encouragement and resource information to our incarcerated brothers and sisters in Christ. We have initiated an abitious program called Equal Chance, an online database where employers may register by geographical area if they are willing to give former inmates an equal chance in hiring practices. We encourage everyone reading this to assist in this effort by spreading the word to employers to please register on our website.

James 2:13 - For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy; yet mercy triumphs over judgment.

Who We Are

We organized in 1996 and since then have written newsletters to inmates, provided resource information from our database on request, written numerous personal letters (not as a pen pal), and a volunteer has created and mailed each inmate on our mailing list greeting cards at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas since then.

Our Vision

We envision our new Equal Chance database creating a place where newly released inmates, family members, and other re-entry ministries may seek out employers by geographical area who will give them am equal chance for employment consideration when job openings arise. We also hope to work toward facilitating Celebrate Recovery programs in prisons.


Ours is limited to mail contact with prisoners throughout the United States.

Support In

Please pray that employers will be found to register on our new Equal Chance online database for former inmates.


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