Hope Prison Ministry

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

Our Ministry Is called Hope which was birthed out of the County Jail.we are a pre and Post release program.we are currently working on our Mentor coordinators vision of a facility on the outside.He is a minister of the gospel whom God sent us who also has spent 13 years of his life behind bars and 30 plus years bound by childhood issues.

Our Vision

There has to be a peice on the outside because too many of our inmates have burned bridges and therefore have nowhere to go once they are out,we plan to be that bridge that was burned. we could use any help financial,spiritual and one earnest prayer that will reach the heart of God.

Types Of Activity

we do 12 weeks of intensive stinkin thinkin,D&A,Anger Management,lifeskills all taught by a different professional.Also Minister Drummond Trains mentors and matches them up with each inmate for 1year.Life on the inside and outside with a Mentor is much brighter.


I would love to go outside of pgh and spread Gods Gospel so that my Lord will get the glory he deserves,he has put a word in me and this is my life i was born to show others how to come up out of egypt,been shot 7 times overdosed,and much much morebut God,Yes i boast but my boasting is in the Lord.

Our magazine (newsletter)

There is a jail newspaper that speaks about us from time to time but also some other issues in the jail.I would love to concentrate on a paper or newsletter soley called Hope.

Books we have published

I am also writing my first book is there any way you could refer a publisher to me.This is going to be awesome believe me,my God.

About Our Prison Ministry

Not only are our inmates being delivered but families are being made whole because one true soldier is willing to do real minstry.We have to many men sitting in pews talking about their communities and the ills in them but do nothing to contribute to make them safer and better.

Support In

We are doing a mentor training 2/14/04 at deliverance Baptist church 812 swissvale ave 15221 from 9;00-12;30pm.If there are any men who are willing to be that few in the harvest please send them.


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