Hope Prison Ministry

We care and love each one of them that have gone or are going though our program. I pray that some day we find the perfect place so that we can provide more beds. At this time we have 3 houses for men and 1 for the women plus have gain two apartments, that will house 6 men for right now. We are proud of those who are out. At this time we are helping 26 men and women.

Jesus Hung in there for you-Won't you hang in there for Jesus?

Who We Are

Our Ministry started in 2000. We follow Matthew 25:35. We meet the men and women who are coming out prison at the gate. We provide a place to stay help them find a job, give them food, and transportation. We have achieved greatly 85% of the men and women that we have helped have not gone back to prison. We do all this on donations of individuals or churchs. Every three months we publish a newsletter.

Our Vision

Our vision for this ministry is to some day stop the young people from going to prison. That we get them before they go into adult court. Watching the men an women grow the longer they are out. See them achieve their goals.

Types Of Activity

We have cook outs for them. We have bible study in at least two of the houses right now. That part we have run in to diffcultly because every one works at different times. We are working on it.


We do not minister in prisons or jails, Other groups do that. We minister to the men and woment as they are released. Some stay in our houses some have other places to stay but they may ask us to help in another ways.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We publish 4 newletters a year. Right now it is only three pages long. Hoping to expand on that,We mail to all churches in this area and to individuals to have donated either money or other items to us.

About Our Prison Ministry

The director of this ministry is a man that spent time in South Dakota State Penn. We have a team of 8 people that work with the clients. We get involved in thier everyday lives and let them into ours. We help them set up their finances and mentor them.

Support In

Pray that the donation continue to come in. Pray for the men and women that are out. Pray for the printer that smoked the other day while printing a letter to a inmate who is still in and waiting to be released. Pray for the houses we have 4 of them plus two apartments. We now have an agreement with the Federal Parole office to help give shelter to the men and women that are coming out of Federal Prisons. What a joy to help all these men and women to get a fresh start.


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