Inwood Baptist Church Prison Ministry

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

We have a 10 member team from Inwood Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC and we travel to any prison in NC who will let us come in and share the gospel. Our team is comprised of two ministers, both of whom were incarcerated at one point in their lives; as well as 4 singers and 4 others who give testimony and counsel with the prisoners. We are currently serving regularly at Bladen County Youth Facility in Bladen County, NC where we've seen numerous young men receive Jesus and get baptised. We baptised 34 in one night. We also serve on an on-call basis at Wake County Correctional Facility where we've also seen mighty things happen in the name of our Lord. We are about to expand our efforts and will be contacting all 88 NC prisons in the next month to set up dates for us to enter their sites and put on a program about the Lord.

Our Vision

Our vision is one of positive growth towards winning more and more souls as we are all committed to the belief that Christ will return soon for the church. We stay prayerful at all times and we seek out God's will in all that we do. We are a dedicated team who have been together for a long time and we feel God is blessing throughout this ministry and in all of our endeavors. We seek to continue to Praise and Glorify God and tell others of His love and forgiveness.

Types Of Activity

Preaching the Gospel, Singing the Gospel, Christian Counseling, Prayer with prisoners, and we also provide a service to help inmates contact outside family members, spouses and their children.


Bladen County Youth Facility, Bladen County, NC Wake County Correctional Facility, Raleigh, NC And anywhere else that will have us.

About Our Prison Ministry

We belong to a church, Inwood Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC and we do not have a physical "steeple" on our church but rather we believe that "the people are the steeple" and we are all continually trying to uplift Jesus in all that we

Support In

Prayer. That God will help our ministry continue to grow. That we can stay focused on His needs for us.


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