Inside The Wall Ministry

I was called to create a ministry for inmates that will truly assist in the freedom of there souls. I believe that God has called us to provide the inmate with a vast resource of Christian material, and assistance upon release. We as a body of Christ our all called to minister to those in need. Praise God that He is a big God and can heal all things.

Mathew 6:33 - Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Who We Are

Inside The Wall Ministry is dedicated to helping people who are currently incarcerated. We establish the need of the inmate and lead them to the Word to show them the answer. The ministry itself was founded by myself who has been inside the walls of a jail cell. I've come through the jail doors a changed man because of the Word. I'm an ordained Minister of the Gospel through the United Methodist. I love and serve the Lord daily.

Our Vision

The vision of the ministry is to connect various Christian organizations together to assist the inmate. Weather they have homeless issues, drug issues, or just need to talk to someone about the Lord we are here to help in any way we can. Our goal is to reach as many organizations as possible to create a network of willing and able Christians across the country. We are currently assisting inmates in the Nebraska region.

Types Of Activity

On several occasions we were called to minister the Word to the inmates via written correspondence and in person. Just recently we were called to furnish an inmate with a red letter addition of the Bible. We have also assisted in job placement and drug rehabilitation placement if needed.


We are currently concentrating on jails in the Mid West.

About Our Prison Ministry

We have an overwhelming library of information at our fingertips. If you or a family member need written material please contact us by writing to our address or via email form.

Support In

Our needs that need to be met monthly are mainly administrative needs such as envelopes, paper and stamps. Most of our ministry is mainly accomplished via mail, but most recently we have been going inside the jails/prisons. Cash is always accepted to help with gas and various cost. You may also sow seeds into our ministry by sending packages of envelopes, paper or stamps. Please pray that God will bless us with such material swiftly.


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