Khampat Christian Felowship

Mark 10: 45 - Not to be served but to serve

Who We Are

"Khampat (Chin Refugees) Christian Fellowship" ministry was started in 2001. Members are asylum seekers in Malaysia from Myanmar. KCF tries to give education to children. Have special visit to prisoners and give them moral as well as spiritual support. Organize cell group prayer meeting.

Our Vision

Every people of asylum seeker accept Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord, every people of asylum seeker could have equal human rights, every young people under 18 get basic and adequate education, prisoners in any case get relief and moral support.

Types Of Activity

-evangelize people
-give special care and relief to the asylum seekers and prisoners
-educating children under 18, those who are from parents of asylum seekers
-serve the needy
-hold awareness training especially for the women


1. Kajang jail of Malaysia
2. Lengkeng Jail in Malaysia
3. Sungai Buloh in Malaysia

About Our Prison Ministry

KCF Ministry (Malaysia) is started by faith with the purpose of giving help to the refugees. KCF is working with one pastor, and other six office bearers. All the KCF leaders are working voluntarily up to this day. We warmly welcome any Christian to KCF Ministry and open the door for any means of financial support as our prayer lists shown bellow.

Support In

Please Pray for our needs:-
1. Financial aid for KCF children Education ministry
a. Payment for two teachers-------------------> Rm 3000(Monthly)
b. Lunch( refreshment) for students ------> Rm 2000 (Monthly)
2. Aid for office rent----------------------------------->Rm 1000 (Monthly)
3. Aid for KCF Pastor's payment ------------------>Rm 1000 (Monthly )


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