Prison Chaplain Free and Donated Resources Ministry

I have prison ministry of sharing resource websites off the internet to help prison chaplains with free and donated resources to use in their prisons

romans 8:28

Who We Are

i have a prison ministry share free and donated resources from websites on internet with prison chaplains around the country i will email this listing to prison chaplains who contact me

Our Vision

I pray that prison chaplains around the country will be able to use this listing of free and donated resources with their inmates and share with other prison chaplains

Types Of Activity

sharing free and donated resource websites with prison chaplains to use with their ministry in their prisons by email


i work with federal , state , local , and sheriff department prison chaplains as well as prison ministry organizations

Our magazine (newsletter)



Books we have published



About Our Prison Ministry

please feel free to share this information with any prison chaplain

Support In

please pray for me as i make contact with prison chaplains around the country that they will be responsive to this listing and use these resources in their prison ministry


Contact regarding this listing

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