Kanater Prison Ministry

Go ye into the world of satanic ruins and devastation and to rebuild satanic ruins in the heart of people in Jesus name.

Isaiah 61:4 - They will be called the re builder of satanic ruins.

Who We Are

We are group of individual Christians who being visiting, caring, supporting and assisting prisoners in our locality since 1995 and we have much through the graceful mercy of God.

Our Vision

Sowing God's words and love as directed through the Bible as in order to bring prodigal children of God (prisoners) back to God's loving arms. We provide both physical and spiritual needs.

Types Of Activity

Visitations, providing and supplying their material and spiritual needs such as food, medications, clothing, Bible, correspondence courses, deportation procedures, etc.


Various areas in Egypt only presently.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our quarterly newsletter light out of darkness is about 20 to 30 pages.

Support In

Pray for we to be encourage and motivated further and for God to enlarge our territory and make way where there is no way for we reach more inmates, that prisoners be encouraged and edified better and for God to bring more workers into his vineyard and for prisoners to be provided with people whom to correspond with in their various languages. Amen!


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