Apostolic Penetcostal

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

Chruch of Penetcost believes in one God that their is one Lord .. Epeshians 4:5 One faith one Lord one Baptism .. Acts 2:38 tells alot. I want the truth to be preached to alot of Inmates that are incarcerated in the Prison Facilities.

Our Vision

My vision is to see someones life changed. I would love to see a changed life i would want for alot to be saved to get to know the Lord Psalm chp. 102: 19,20 .. That he hears their Cries, I too am a doer of the word of God not just a hearer of the word of God.

Types Of Activity

Reading in the bible everyday, Staying in tune with Gods word getting a better understanding maybe work in Groups help each other show more love instead of anger all the time be supportive because most dont have any support and support is needed hope is needed faith is strongly needed, Praise the Lord ! Daily Prayers, Like prayer Groups can be possible whatever the Lord leads is always best.. Praise God.. He is worhty..


USA, I never ministered in any of the prisons, But if i could i would love to bring hope into their hearts so that they may grasp it and get understand of it. Know that because they are behind walls that their are alot of us that cares we care. Even when they feel they have no one well God should really be all they should want to have.

About Our Prison Ministry

We want everyone to be saved as possible and saved from going to the Hell Fire i want to see everone go to heaven if possible. But you have those that refuse they refuse because they want the world, When you should want to live for Christ our saviour our Everyhting Amen ?

Support In

Please pray for- Jemere David Reid, For he is in Prison going through the process. Pray for strength for him for protection may the Lord be with him and for guidance. Pray for all of those that are behind those scary walls for unity,love,may they embrace each other teach each other for those that do know the word of God to spread it help others to understand those that wants to listen for those that dont lets pray for them in Jesus Name Amen ? Amen !


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