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Loving God Ministries. Free Bible Lessons Through the Mail.

I Peter 1:2-3 - "If you have tasted the Lord's goodness and kindness, cry for more, as a baby cries for milk. Eat God's Word --read it, think about it--and grow str…

Who We Are

We send Bible lessons by mail to everyone willing to study to ages 4yrs & up and includes all inmates. We have served God full time since 1955. Many souls have been reached and saved through this ministry as well as through preaching and teaching at church.

Our Vision

To reach souls for Jesus Christ by spreading the Word of God in every way possible. To send free Bible Lessons through the mail. To teach willing persons in locatons I can't go. To love them and teach them that God loves them.

Types Of Activity

We send free Bible lessons through the mail. Whenever possible we visit inmates to minister to them personally as needed or requested.


Bible lessons are sent free all over USA to all persons and inmates who request them and are willing to study them. We are only able to minister in jails and prisons in the Austin, TX area and close around that area. Very rarely have we been able to go to Huntsville or other areas more than 100 miles away.

About Our Prison Ministry

We use volunteers whenever extra help is needed. Bible lessons are purchased with donations and personal finance from The Mailbox, Inc.

Support In

Pray that we receive financial donations and volunteers. Pray that more lessons will be requested and studied. Pray for other ministry needs: postage stamps , envelops, printer ink and paper. we need help in filing for a 501 c3 status.


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