Loy Prison Ministry

Loy Prison Ministry located in Uganda.

Jeremiah 40:4 - ... and now look, i free you from this day , from the chains that were on your hand. If it seems good to you, come with me to Babylon, come, and i will look after y…

Who We Are

I was commissioned by God to evangelize in prisons and i was led to a particular prison. I have tried to testify about the goodness of the Lord and preach the good news to prisoners and many have given their lives to Christ. However i do not serve as frequently as i should because it involves a lot of travel so i have managed to reach few prisons. We do not have any publications because it jeopardizes permission to minister to prisons in my country.

Our Vision

My goal is to ensure that every one in prison gets a chance of hearing the good news of Jesus, get knowledge about the goodness of the Lord and leave prison with a transformed life and a living testimony. I also believe that these people come from different walks of life so this is to empower them to spread the good news to their respective communities. I also want the living g conditions in prisons to change for better ones.

Types Of Activity

1. Evangelism
2. Support in hygiene, health, sanitation.
3. Any other area the Holy spirit leads me to.


We minister in prisons in Uganda, Africa.

About Our Prison Ministry

As a survivor of that horrible accident which nearly claimed my life, if it was not for the grace and mercy of God, i would be in the everlasting prison "Hell". But today i have hope that i will resurrect with him and make it to Heaven where i will forever praise God.

Support In

Please pray for us to be strengthened to do the will of God and minister to people in prisons while displaying the love of Jesus Christ for mankind.

Also pray for us for provision to be able to reach many prisons so that the gospel is heard in many places.


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