L5:17 is a church prison ministry that seeks to bring disenfranchised inmates and their families into the healing presence and community of Jesus Christ. Our starting point is a bi-weekly Bible study in the heart of Winnipeg at the Remand Centre. We follow up with one-on-one's and use a network of chaplains, ministries (Teen Challenge, Forward House, Bridging the Gap), and churches to guide the inmates to the next healing environment. Lifelong discipleship to the inmate and family is our goal.

Luke 5:17-26 “Some men came carrying a paralyzed man. [They brought him] right in front of Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the man, "Son, your sins are forgiven…S…

Who We Are

We are an eclectic group of Christian men called to be a lifeline for those who need hope. We believe that true correctional justice is restorative justice found only through the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit. We meet bi-weekly for Bible Studies, Fellowship & Prayer in the Winnipeg Remand along with reach into other corrections center's through-out the Province, as a resource for ex-prisoners, and the families.

Our Vision

To see men, women and youth set free by the truth, training and conviction of His word. Encouraging/challenging inmates to sincerely seek God, and follow. Breaking forever the chains of the past. Living life as God intended, as a true disciple of Christ.

Types Of Activity

Fellowship in singing, Bible studies, one-on-one visits, prayer and accountability relationship building. To be a lifeline for those who need hope on the inside and ongoing for a time once on the outside. Winning over addictions, financial ruin, building trust back into relationship's and families, finding employment, those in need of a friend.


The Winnipeg Remand is the hub, with outreach through the cooperation of a network of chaplains in many other prisons and addictions campus ministries such as Teen Challenge, Forward House, Bridging the Gap, The Salvation Army and others...

Books we have published

Soon L5:17 will be working on a prison worship & fellowship song book. And a handy hand-book of Christian faith based restorative ministries.

About Our Prison Ministry

We believe with the alarmingly unexceptable rate of re-offenders and over flowing prison cells, that people need the Lord. L5:17, gets it's name from Luke5:17...A few men willing to present sinners to Jesus, through a little creativity and heavy lifting.

Support In

Please pray for L5:17 Restorative Justice & Family Ministries. That men, women & youth offenders would come face-to-face with the need for redemption only found through the message and truth of His word by the power of The Holy Spirit be saved and follow. Restoring hope in individuals, entire families, reconciliation and healing with victims, and safer communitues.


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