Over-Troubled Waters Ministeries

Matthew 26:28 - ...for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

Who We Are

Over Troubled Waters Ministry was established to help the less fortunate incarcerated and soon to be released men, women and youth to become more self sufficient upon release from prison. We also provide emotional support to those in need. We network with other organizations and we are also the Maine Regional Director and Asst. Regional Director for New Vision Organization.

Our Vision

Our vision for Over Troubled Waters Ministry is to help the less fortunate in any ways that we are capable of helping and to be available to assist them with research, letters, phone calls and meetings as needed.

Types Of Activity

Researching available housing, employment, training, counseling, halfway houses, insurance and any other needed supportive aftercare resources in the areas of their release locations. In addition to, assuring by means of phone calls, letter writing and media notification of any and all abuses and neglects within the penal system inflicted upon the helpless and caged individuals.


Although we cover the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in particular, we also provide services in and around the United States as needed.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Upcoming Newsletter to be announced. Anyone wishes to contribute stories or articles to be placed in the newsletter may contact the Director, Denise Coombs.


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