Psalm Ministries for God's Children

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

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Our Vision

Psalm Ministries for God's Children was established as an independent ministry in October of 1991 after working in the prisons for 4 years, in homeless shelters for 3 years. Ours began as a music ministry only, thus the name Psalm, but when we started using the music inside the prison walls, we found there was so much more to do. As computer people, we took over 600 cards that had been filled out by inmates and stored in a box. We did a mass mailing and received 200 replies, requesting Bible studies. Dressouts were desperately needed and someone to do the shopping. My husband had retired from the USPO because of a heart attack and knew nothing of his future as one of the most faithful of dressout providers. He uses part of his retirement to finance this ministry department and travels over 35 miles everyday to locate appropriate clothing for parolling inmates without the ability to finance their own dressouts. The chaplains supply him with plenty of names from every prisoner!
son in the state of California, and he says the Lord shows him just where to find the exact sizes for each one of them. He says that shows just how much God loves them. He then sends them UPS, regular mail or travels 150 miles round trip to deliver them directly to the prison at Chino, CA.

Since God has bless me with good computer skills, my work, other than the music is to supply over 800 inmates with Bible studies and newsletters. One of the ways I love to minister is to make sure that I include a personal letter with each set of Bible studies. After they graduate from a basic program, we send an advanced study set that is developed with the inmate in mind, dealing with the issues that they have to face by relating them with the ensamples given in the Bible. We do not deal with theories, only a "thus saith the Lord". Their answers must be proven with texts from the Bible, as are mine when I make up the questions and answer sheets.

So happy are we with our ministry work, we gutted our living room in our tiny condo and replaced sofas and lamps with computers, printers and photocopy machine, etc and for the last six years it has been Psalm Ministry Headquarters. Our one car garage serves as a ministry clothing processing area. Don has put up clothing racks which hold donated shirts, pants and sweaters. The walls are lined with shoes and boxes for sending out the dressouts. One portion of a wall has the shelves laden with Bible studies. We are praying for a larger house and garage for the ministry work, but we are doing what God has called us to do within the boundaries we have been given, so since it is His work, we know we are blessed with what he allows us to do.

Types Of Activity

Computer training for parolling inmates.
Training in reading and writing and math skills.
Assistance with clothing when being released
Providing Bible Studies for those who are still on the inside of the prison walls.


Southern California state and federal prisons are where we do gospel programs, but the dressouts go to every prison in California. The Bible studies have gone into every state and 3 foreign countries.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our goal for Psalm Ministries is to increase our ability to provide for the inmates God sends to us. More space and more time to do the work would make us very happy. I have great computer skills which I would gladly pass on at no charge to those who need

Support In

Pray for this ministry. There is a great need for pen pals and prayer partners. We can provide a PO Box address for pen pals.


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