Prisoner Support Network Ministry

Ps. 142:7 - Bring my soul out of prison, So that I may give thanks to Thy name...

Who We Are

We provide materials and support to incarcerated inmates, as well as spousal and family support to inmate's wives, girlfriends, and family.

Our Vision

Our prayer is that the prisoner uses his time wisely and studies the Word of God. We will provide information to inmates and their families on how to do prison time as a Christian and urge the prisoner to let Christ cleanse him so that he will return to society as a beacon of light and a living testimony to the power of Jesus Christ.

Types Of Activity

Mailing articles, Bibles, tracts, and helping inmates with outside needs such as phone calls. Helping the wives and girlfriends fellowship and find support for their choice to stand by an inmate.

Support In

The inmates, the families, our financial needs, and our strength to run this as God sees fit.


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