Residents Encounter Christ

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer ecumenical group that since 1982 has provided a program of Christian awakening and experience for residents of local correctional facilities. Participants are introduced to the program in a weekend presentation consisting of talks by team members, table discussions, and community building activities.
We provide continuing support through weekly reunions both inside and outside the facilities. We currently conduct 6 weekends per year at each of 2 facilities. As of January 2001 more than 2000 men and women have participated in our programs.

Our Vision

1. To introduce resident candidates to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage and enable residents to encounter Him.In a personal way.
2. To demonstrate to resident candidates the life-changing power of God's unconditional love, through the activities of the R.E.C. weekend: witness talks, palanca, the Team's love and support of one another, worship services, the love and support of the outside community.

3. To promote attitudinal change in residents candidates, through the power of God's acceptance and forgiveness, presented and demonstrated by every R.E.C. Team member through personal witness.

4. To provide a Christian community for the spiritual growth and development of resident candidates, during the remainder of their stay in jail and upon their return to society.

5. To bring a Christ-like presence (not material presents) Into the jail environment.

6. To reduce criminal recidivism.

Types Of Activity

Men's R.E.C. #53 - May 26-28, 2001 - Rectors, Bob & Janice P.
Howard St. #9 - Aug 11-12, 2001 - Rector, Dave L.
Women's R.E.C. #26 - Sept. 15-16, 2001 - Rector, Kathy S.
Men's R.E.C. #54 - Oct. 6 - 8, 2001, Rector, Kevin T.
Men's R.E.C. #55 - Feb, 2002, Rector, Lynette C.


Hampden County House of Correction and the Western Mass Correctional Alcohol Center only. "Outside" meeting 7-9 PM every Thursday nite in basement meeting room of Trinity (UM) church, 361 Sumner Ave., Springfield, MA

About Our Prison Ministry

Here in Hampden County, the R.E.C. program is govorned by a board of directors elected by and from the local R.E.C. family. Although recognized and encouraged by the Hamp County House of Corr., the Western Mass Corr. Alcohol Center, and the local Catholic

Support In

Prayerful support of the overall ministry.
Palanca/wheat for weekends.
Attendance at Hootenannys.
Attendance at Thursday nite meetings


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