Reflections of Freedom

Reflections of Freedom is reflecting the Light of Christ in a dark place.

John 8:12 - I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.

Who We Are

Reflecting the Light of Christ in a dark place. Feeling the call of God on his life Johnny graduated a Christian School and College. He has served the Lord in a variety of ministries through the years since the age of fourteen, including Youth Camps, Christian Schools, Bus Pastor, Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor and Chapel clerk in the DOC. Now serving God as Director of Reflections of Freedom, Counselor and Certified Braille transcriber.

Our Vision

We are all about getting the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world. Which includes inside and outside of the walls of prison. Through radio, TV, internet, mailings and going into prisons. We want to be a Reflection of the Freedom God provides to those that beleive.

Types Of Activity

Reflections Of Freedom Quartet (Southern Gospel)
Reflections from the Outside (Newsletter)
Reflections from the Inside (Inmate Testimonies)
Reflections from both sides (Pen Pal Ministry)


North Carolina...
All states... Pen Pals

Our magazine (newsletter)

Reflections from the Outside. Twice a year. Four to Five pages. Distributed as requested from Pen Pals. Free to those that request. Also available in Braille, as our director is a Certified Braille transcriber.

About Our Prison Ministry

If you would like to know more Please email call or write. Remember we are Reflecting the Light of Christ to a dark place.

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