Sunshine and Peace

Romans 3: 7 - 8-Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

Who We Are

"Sunshine and Peace Ministry" is a ministry established in memory of Joe Holguin, my brother who died in prison. Following Joe's death, I became a prisoner advocate to fight for fair justice of all prisoners.

Our Vision

The mission of "Sunshine and Peace Ministry" is to provide lodging for family members visiting their loved one's incarcerated in Pennsylvania prisons. To provide the families traveling from other states, with lodging, food, and a safe and friendly environment during their short stay in Pennsylvania.

Types Of Activity

Walking in "Sunshine and Peace Ministry", the activities of the Director and volunteers is to write prisoners, research, download, print out and mail supportive information to them. We also network with other ministries, groups, and organizations in order to share information pertaining to the penal system and the courts.


We provide services to individuals who have completed a SAP application and have been approved for services.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are seeking volunteers for pen-pals, research, outreach workers, and coordinators.

Support In

Please pray for all the abused and deprived in prisons throughout the world. Pray also for the "Sunshine and Peace Ministry" its Director, volunteers and all who contribute in some way to this ministry. Pray that we can help prisoners and their family members stay in contact and stay united in spirit and truth if not possible to stay in a unified family setting. Pray for Peace!


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