St. John Baptist Church Prison Ministry

Saving those that are lost.

"when the Son free you, you are free indeed."

Who We Are

Over the years, SJBCPM have brought dozens of inmates to the Lord. Due to 911 we had to overcome a few security barriers, and was hindered, but managed to continue our prison ministry.

Our Vision

Our goals is to once again re-start Sunday worship within 5 institutions in Oklahoma.

Types Of Activity

Writing to inmates twice a month.


Okla. Women prison, Okla. City
El Reno Women and men prison, El Reno, Okla.
Lexington State Prison, Lexington, OK
Granite State Prison, Granite, OK
McCalister State Prison, McCalister, OK

Support In

Please pray that we can re-gain contact with the inmates. After 911 we encountered resistance to meeting with the inmates, only another believing inmate can hold worship. We lost the priveledge to enter where the inmates are. Please Pray for us.


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