Prison Ministry San Quentin Hope

We are a little ministry composed by various people from different countries but based on California. We provide pen pals and Prayer support for inmates and their families.

1 John 2:17 - The World is passing away..., but He that does the will of God remaisn forever.

Who We Are

This is a Ministry dedicated to awareness and compassion toward those that are behind walls. This is a Pen-pal ministry, and we also try to find people to help the inmates families, through prayers and a helping hand , one-on-one. We do have some pages over the Internet besides the website. We publicize inmates experinces and testemonies about true conversion.

Our Vision

I want to bring to people from both sides, inside and outside the walls that the Live of Christ can heal any pain and build a bridge of forviviness and healing in our society.

Types Of Activity

Pen Pal Minsitry (specially for Death row); Prayer Ministry; Family Help.

About Our Prison Ministry

This is a ministry based on the grace of the Lord to provide us with warm hearted people with the intention to be a light in somebody's life, bringing comfirt and the good news of the words of the Lord.

Support In

Please Pray for this ministry: to have people supporting it with Love and kindness; to us to truly represent God's will in this field.


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