Solid Rock Community Church

We are located in Nairobi, Kenya and has a personal touch owing to the fact that most of the people overseeing this ministry have once been in prisons. Partner with us to give out clothes, Bibles and even a family that has someone in prison to be praying with them!

Galatians 6:9 "Do not be weary of doing good for in due time you shall reap if you faint not"

Who We Are

We are part of Solid Rock Community Church of Kenya and have been involved in prisons ministry for three years and we have been assisting their families and giving them hope by praying for them and giving them finances as the Lords provides.

Our Vision

To reach out all the inmates to know christ and that there is hope and also open a fund for those who are realeased to be self employed when they come out.

Types Of Activity

One-on-one evangelism,visiting the family members who are still free


All over the country

About Our Prison Ministry

After thy are realeased from the prisons we connect them to mature christians who desciple the so our ministry is continous in and after the term in prison

Support In

land to build our national headquaters,volunteers to come and be part of this fellowship and used computers.


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