Soul Winning Outreach Ministry

Acts 12:17 - ..for there is none other name under heaven given among men where by we can be save.

Who We Are

We are soul winning outreach ministry established in 1995 during the liberian civil war, were many liberians were wrongly treated, inprisoned, and many even died in prison without Jesus. This give the director of this ministry a burden, and a compassion for those who are dying in prison without christ to care and reach to them with the good news of salvation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach the people who are condemned into prison without hope all over the world with the message of hope through the word of God. We believe that jesus is coming soon and we hope that many souls, infact, that everyone will repent of their sins and believe o the lord jesus christ and receive him as their saviour so that they can be saved before he comes.

Types Of Activity

We do prison to prison preaching. though we do not have much resources, but the little offering and contribution from every member enables us to provide little food for those we praech and some times buy soap and slipper for them. It is not much due to our financial limitation as refugees.


We minister in jails and prison of the refugee camp, some ghanian prisons, especially in the cities and the rural areas. We have just move to liberia. these areas are in africa. Here prisoners are treated very badly. No food, clothings are limited and ect, ect.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our ministry also reach out to other who are not save and lost in their sins. We also reach out to jehovah witnesses, latter-day saints (mormons), and other cults.

Support In

Wewant you to pray for us so that the lord can provide us some tracks, extensive litreature and other teaching materials that we can use to equip ourselves as well as use for out reach purposes. we will also need some food, medications, clothings and finance for the ministry.


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