Serve Well Prison Ministry

Serve Well Prison Ministry is a newly formed organization which seeks to preserve and keep intact, families that have been torn apart by the incarceration of the main breadwinner of that family unit. Our aim is to provide them with sufficient resources and advice so as to ensure that they are able to stay together as a unit. This Ministry is located in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and is geared towards service within our borders.

Galatians 6 vs 10 - So when we can do good to everyone,let us do it.Let us makes a special point of doing good to those who belong to the family of believers.

Who We Are

This is a newly formed Prison Ministry whose chief objective is to support the families,particularly the children , of inmates serving lengthy Prison sentences here in Trinidad and Tobago. I have been in this field on an informal basis for the last ten years.I now wish to formalize my Ministry and expand to meet the needs of numerous families left in dire need and distress as a result of the incarceration of a family member.

Our Vision

I have seen first hand,the destruction of family units as a result of the incarceration of the head of the household. My Ministry plans to make intervention in the lives of such families,provide them with counselling, assisting them in accessing food, clothes and shelter, School supplies and other forms of assistance as and when needed. Our main focus is on keeping the family unit together.

Types Of Activity

Regular visits to families of inmates, checking on their general health and overall welfare. Raising funds to carry out our mission.


As our Ministry is not yet formalized, we do not have access to minister in the prisons just yet. For the time being, we rely on word of mouth,by inmates hearing about us and directing their families to get in contact with us. That method is working for us. Our focus is not so much on the inmate in Prison but his family on the outside and so most of our work is done outside of Prison walls.

About Our Prison Ministry

We believe that a strong family makes for an even stronger society but broken families lead to a break down in society. We aim to strengthen families left to fend for themselves, empower them, build them an d make them productive and law abiding citizens.

Support In

Our needs are in the main, financial help to carry out the work of this ministry, we would be grateful for donations of any amount of clothing, used or otherwise,foodstuff [where possible], Bibles and other religious material and any form of assistance that will help to make the efforts of this Ministry, a success.


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