The Children Of Israel Development Center

The Children of Israel Development Center, Inc. exists to bring the ministry of Jesus Christ into the lives of people, demonstrating how the Gospel teachings can help a person live a more abundant life, filled with joy, hope, and purpose.

Mark 16:15 KJV - And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Who We Are

The Children of Israel Development Center Inc. is a faith-based organization. Our ministry goal is to remedy the problems of social interaction and to provide spiritual counseling to the unsaved and the unchurched.

Our Vision

To provide spiritual guidance, support and resources for youths, men, and women through mentoring programs, and to provide global technology resource centers.

Types Of Activity

Some of our organization programs consist of: Ministry outreach and Support Services; Spiritual Counseling, Learning Independant Life skills; Learning Information System Technology with various Biblical and Evangelism software programs; Mentor programs; Prison and Death Row Ministry.


Throughout the USA, Missouri, West Africa, South India

Books we have published

C.R.I.E.D. A Pastor's Life Behind Bars
Author--Rev. Madeline Coburn (pgs. 128); Price $10

Purchase online at Amazon, Createspace, etc..

About Our Prison Ministry

Currently, we are petitioning Missouri Governor Jay Nixon not to execute death row inmate Reginald Clemons since "NEW EVIDENCE" have come forth after 22 years.

Support In

Prayers. Volunteers. Internet Radio & Broadcasting. Global Ministry in the 10/40 Window. Bibles in various languages, and Bible tracts.


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