Tucker Institute of Execution Extinction

Tucker Institute of Execution Extinction was founded to strengthen the death penalty abolition movement through innovative multi-disciplinary collaboration. Let's change history & witness the death penalty's end in our lifetime!

You shall not kill

Who We Are

Tucker Institute of Execution Extinction (TIEE) was founded to advocate for death penalty abolition & all victimized by homicide by innovative multi-disciplinary collaboration. Named in memory of Karla Faye Tucker's 1998 execution in Texas. Institute's director was 16 yrs. old when the media's portrayal of the case inflamed a passion so deep that on the execution date she laid sleepless praying Jesus would comfort Ms. Tucker as our country killed her.*Further bio below

Our Vision

Tucker's Institute of Execution Extinction's primary vision is the national abolition of the death penalty & enhanced support for all victimized by homicide. Specifically, the vision that "widening the circle of public discourse on the death penalty will lead to its abolition," comes from the abolition leader & 3 time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Sister Helen Prejean, the real woman behind Dead Man Walking.

Types Of Activity

Currently, with permission from Sister Helen Prejean personalized cards including her prayer to abolish the death penalty along with info on TIEE are being sent to death row inmates. The inmates along with all those willing, including kids, families & college students, are urged to write to the White House to campaign to end the death penalty.Urge "tough on crime" Obamas & all presidential nominees to witness the next execution in every state.


Nationwide ministry with headquarter centrally located in Indiana. Widen widen widen the circle by telling anyone who will listen about the flaws with the death penalty. Try "138 innocent people have been freed from death row since the 1970s"... Duh we should not be in charge of death dates, humans executed perfectly innocent, Jesus Christ, arguably the biggest mistake of all time.

About Our Prison Ministry

Jesus has strengthened the director's calling over the past 13 yrs. leading to opportunities such as correspondence with condemned, murder victim families, inmate cell visits on death row, execution chamber inside access, award winning research, international crime conference presenter, published author, university instructor, and a doctorate in criminal justice near completion.

Support In

Please pray for victims, law makers, & death penalty abolition. Currently, assistance sending cards mentioned above is needed. We need to get media savvy ASAP to most effectively widen the circle. Given the recent coverage of the Casey Anthony death penalty case, please pray the women on death row can bravely capture the media's attention widely revealing the need for abolition. Overall, tell any & everyone facts & stories of death penalty injustices!


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