True Justice Ministry

John 4:14...Those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh spring within them, giving eternal life.

Who We Are

We have been called to serve as workers for the Lord at correction centers since 1994. We spread the Word to inmates and their families, emphasizing the need to know Jesus and to accept His saving grace. True Justice also counsels inmates and their families.

Our Vision

To share the Word with inmates and their families: with all we can.

Types Of Activity

Jail Church services every Sunday. Counseling when requested by the inmates or the institution.


East-Central Ohio.

About Our Prison Ministry

We offer baptisms and provide Bibles and spritual literature for all inmates...small candy treats during the Easter and Christmas seasons... and we hold July 4th cookouts just outside the facilities and help serve hotdogs, potato salad, beans, etc. to the inmates.

Support In

Please pray for Freddie, Buckey, the family of Ray S., Kevin R., Ron H. Tim, Jim, Dylan, Angel, Lorie, Jeff, Jared, Joe, Jimmy, From Church and community: Blind Joe & Doc, Terrie, Dave B., Pete, Todd, Theo, Jane, Curt, Mike's family, Kevin, Kathy, Laura, Cindy, Gwen, Glenn, Dave. Tim, Trevor, Ann M., Sylvia S., Kathy B., Rose, Amos, Doug, Ron, Armed Services men and women. those out of work, alcoholics and drug adicts, homeless and hungry, lost souls, unspokens.


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