Twizted Mentality Ministries

A fellowship organization of "experienced" ex-cons who have effectively followed through on the decision of Christ for the glory of God. Please join our mission.

Hebrews 13:3 - Remember those that are in bonds,as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity,as being also in the body.

Who We Are

A non-profit organization that is focused on the support and encouragement of inmates that have chosen Christ as the needed change in their lives. We are a brand new organization looking to reach out to those in need of fellowship to help increase follow through effectiveness.

Our Vision

The goal of Twizted Mentality is to be a supportive foundation for those who are incarcerated and those who have been released in their new found joy in Christ. Our goal is to show the love of Gods children to our brothers and sisters in their time of need. To produce strong soldiers for Christ. To build a network of victory for the glory of God's kingdom. Our vision is the World! and meeting the need that the Light provides in Darkness.

Types Of Activity

Friendly Letters; Spiritual literature; Correspondent courses; Discipleship Programs; Family Interaction and Visitation, Events.


Oakland,Livingston,Washtenaw,Wayne County "No sex or age Discrimination"

Support In

Strength and the Lords effectiveness to be supported and encouraged in the lives off all those that are seeking His will for their future. For all of those who the Lord may lead to be a part of this need and organization. Discipline and Dedication to the choices that have been made.


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