Victory Is Yours

Preventing recividism by offering one last chance to make life right! We desire to touch people who have made poor choices, creating vesels of honor who have gained another chance at life.

I Samuel 22:2 And everyone that was in distress, and everyone that was in debt, and everyone that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a captain over them:…

Who We Are

We envision meeting the needs of those who have had life-controlling problems that led to jail, prison, abuse, loss of family and lack of self confidence. We empower those with nothing to look forward to except to return to the endless cycle of crime, poverty, homelessness and incarceration. We help guide those with a desire to leave the past and start over to succeed in their goals.

Our Vision

We desire to help our men and women produce healthy relationships and become a productive member of society. We walk side by side as we see life changes that are staggering. Smiles replace anger, hand-shakes replace fists, and calm words replace cursing and violence.

Types Of Activity

We are a faith-based entity and all of our activities are Christ-centered.


We minister in Polk County Jail, Bartow, FL and have ministered in the past at Polk Correctional Institution, PolkCity FL. In the past we have ministered in South Carolina prisons.

Support In

We are in desperate need of a large building or house so we can help more people remain free. Right now, we house up to 10 in my small home, as we also run a food bank from my home.


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