Because He Lives

Publishing Traveling Thru The Bible With Jesus so inmates won't have to read, read, and read. They can not do Bible study with their hands. Everyone loves it.

John 14:6 - I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father except by me.

Who We Are

We publish Traveling Thru The Bible With Jesus, a Bible study course especially designed for prison inmates. Most ministries give Bibles and tracts. That's reading, reading, reading. Inmates have time, time, time on their hands. They weary of reading, reading, reading. Traveling Thru The Bible With Jesus comes to the rescue. It's self-teaching and non-denominational. The inmate lives the Bible. A former death row inmate is helping prove the program.

Our Vision

We want to see a million inmates doing Traveling Thru The Bible With Jesus - Bible study they do with their hands and truly live the Word and leaving prison changed people.

Types Of Activity

Publishing - Bible study inmates can do with their hands.

Books we have published

How God Sees Princess Diana. Mothers remember. This book makes precious gift mothers can place on their coffee table. Has Q&A on God's marriage and family relations laws. Sparks conversation. A pixie red rose bud affixed to the cover adds beauty and grace. ISBN#0-9614336-5-5. List: $16.95.
Traveling Thru The Bible With Jesus in the first workbook is now available. Order via PayPal or from publisher. Address on left.

About Our Prison Ministry

Considering that many inmates already have Bibles, we offer our special workbook with for only $46.50. We are seeking donations to give program free to inmates. Order via PayPal or direct from publisher at address on left.

Support In

Please pray the Lord will help us find 500,000 people to donate $46.50 so we may give - Bible study an inmate does with his hands - to that many inmates. Donate via PayPal.


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