Women Of Hope Foundation

Our mission is to reach out to women who have been in prison To help them re-enter society and re-educate them, making them productive strong women. Loving them and giving all we have learned and abiding in faith.

1 Cor. 13:13 - So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Who We Are

My wife and I are in the process of opening a 8- bed facility for women ready to parole and re-enter society We are awaiting funding. This will be a Therapeutic Community that will deal with many issues women face and have faced. We desire to help in the changes necessary in mind, body and spirit. providing them with employable job skills and preparing them for the world and society, thus becoming productive and regaining their dignity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help assist women to transition into the community, We want to reeducate women with substance abuse histories and other issues such as spousal abuse and sexual abuse with specialized counseling sessions with trained counselors in house. Providing them with a multitude of services. This is a year commitment. Giving back their dignity and power to be strong assets to our world and helping others in need.

Types Of Activity

Volunteering, park outings and music, theater, creative writing classes, public speaking for youth, family gatherings, child and parent activities. In house fun workshops. The women will also bring their ideas to staff so we can implement them. These types of activities are interwoven with the more serious aspects of the program, balancing their lives with creativity, fun, empowerment and responsibility with help make a well rounded human being.


Women Of Hope Ministry will continue through out N.C. Our facility "Women Of Hope Foundation" will be in the the triad area in N.C. Bringing Hope through our outreach center. My wifes work with her pen-pal ministry for women serving life and on death row will continue, in unity with New Vision organization.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We will create a small news letter for the "Women Of Hope Foundation" and also print any works from women in prison, activities, poetry, short stories, children's books and more.

Books we have published

"Crown Of Beauty" written for women incarcerated. This book is for those incarcerated, in addiction or homeless. Anyone who has a desire to read this book and pass it on. All proceeds if any will be used to purchase more books for our pen-pal ministry.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are recognized by the state of North Carolin as Women Of hope Foundation a non-profit Organization. We are also a 501(c)3 in which we are in good standing with the laws of the Land.
All donations do directly into our bank fund-Women Of Hope, thank You letters will be supplied with our tax I.D.

Thank You In Advance!

Support In

Please pray that we continue to hear the voice of God and follow the cloud. Pray that the needs be met for "Women Of Hope Foundation" in which the women will reside in. Pray we are wise and God sends us the right people to hire. Pray the grant is abundant so we can meet the needs of everyone involved.


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