Woman To Woman

Woman To Woman PRC is a ministry that was started in Wichita,Kansas, in 1997. We have assisted well over 600 people and their families. We are looking forward to network and collaborate in all types of ministries and businesses.

Proverbs 31:28 - Her children rise up; and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her.

Who We Are

Bernia Williams-Kelly is a formerly incarcerated woman with a lot of heart and passion. Several years ago she founded "Woman to Woman" to assist other women in their transition from prison back into the community. Woman to Woman, PRC, Inc. provides temporary transitional housing, employment resources and other avenues of support, and assists women with the reunification of their families and communities.

Our Vision

Empower, restore, connect and reconcile women in their fresh start as they make a new beginning inside of the power of a second, third, fourth and fifth chance, we never give up, never: as Jesus never stop loving us forgiving and saving us.

Types Of Activity

It is with great pleasure to inform you that you have been nominated for the 2014 Woman to Woman: Woman of Worth Award. Because of your passion, fire, and love for your family and community, our committee is honored to celebrate you at the 2014 Woman 2 Woman: Loving the Skin You Are In gathering of women of excellence.


The Topeka Women's State Prison and the Sedgwick County Jail as well as prisons around the nation of women are returning to Kansas. We also minister to the families and children who have a parent in jail/prison. We also encourage people to write to the women in prison around the world. We can connect you with an imprisoned women to share the love of Jesus Christ with, partner and encourage her along her struggle.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Working on a book about my life story, and the ministry that God has given to me. I came from the streets and and now I am working with broken women. I welcome your stories to be included in this improving women's project. Please email us and partner with us in this important story, that needs to be told. There is healing in telling your story because this helps others to release their story.

Books we have published

We are working on a book about being released from prison and making a new step for Life, after the release!!!1. The Re-entry Program: Tutorial programs in neighborhood centers for At-risk and venerable youth. The curriculum will include academic rigor in the 3 Rís, behavioral issues and management pathways, computer literacy and social skills.

About Our Prison Ministry

We believe in the infinite worth of each person is created by God. Our witness to the world is never end up not believing in the value of each person's worth, hope and potential in the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Support In

Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1991 in response to inflexible and excessive penalties required by mandatory sentencing laws. FAMM promotes sentencing polices that give judges the discretion to distinguish between defendants and sentence them according to their role in the offense.


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