Zambia Care Group

Chingola Care Group. Membership: 60. Prison & Jail Inmates, their families, crime victims, general community.

Isaiah42:3 - A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench...

Who We Are

ZCG is a non-denominational ministry formed to minister the Gospel of Christ in the prison.
Our achievement are we have led many lives to Christ, baptized inmates in prison. Opened a medical clinic at the prison site which is catering for over 300 inmates and over 300 community members. On food security programmes, we harvested 30 x 25 kgs of maize. Sponsored some prisoners and prison staff for specialist treatment. Reaching out to 3 Bus Stations with the Gospel of Christ.

Our Vision

The vision is to see Souls saved and transformed to the Glory of God. Souls rehabilitated to responsible citizens and resettled in families and local churches. Health for all inmates. Adequate food for all inmates, their families.

Types Of Activity

Gospel of Christ Preaching. Health Care Services - General Medicine & HIV/AIDS. Feeding Programmes. Prisoners' Family Support. After Sentence Support - Skills Training & Economic Empowerment. General Counseling.


Chingola Prison - Main & Open Air.

Support In

Supply of Medicines to our Clinic. Volunteer Support - Finances for our Clinic Staff and Spiritual Group. Income Generating Activities Support. We need a 4x4 motor vehicle to acces Ipafu Open Air Prison with Medical and Spiritual Services.


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